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Torrent Details For "The Pusooy's Games Collection ENG MULTi RePack (Updated) -VickNet"

The Pusooy's Games Collection ENG MULTi RePack (Updated) -VickNet

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Name:The Pusooy's Games Collection ENG MULTi RePack (Updated) -VickNet

Genre: Flash, ADV, Anal, Oral, Group, Lesbians, Blow Job, Masturbate
Developer: pusooy.net
Publisher: pusooy.net
Language: English
Language of voice: English
Publication Type: License
Year of manufacture: 2007-2015

System requirements:
Flash / Browsers - Opera / Firefox / IE / Google Chrome / HDD 50 MB

Farmer's Daughter 1-4
Young curious daughter of a farmer Becky learns a multi-faceted world of sex with her adult friend. Often staying on the farm alone, she has to not only "turn off" the fan with perverted fantasies, but also with pleasure to "teach" erotic wisdom the cousin Joe arrived. Thus, young girls acquire not only new impressions of their adventures, but also find their love.
Mummy Love 1-3
The ceremony of dedication of the young Princess of the City, in ancient Egypt, leads to the fact that she, after thousands of years, is resurrected in our modern world. In search of the "seed of life" she very closely "gets to know" a number of teachers and students of the college, who, incidentally, are not bored, they are building a very piquant relationship.
Beach party 1-4
Four slim and sexy girlfriends come to the beach, have a party. There, on the beach, they get acquainted with four bored guys. During a very piquant party, four pairs are formed, but ... it's not enough for them - in the following days the participants of the trip not only "strengthen" the relationship between themselves, but also look for new sensations on the side ... As a result, the couple becomes five, and sexual adventures Much more ... In general, the erotic beach party was a success!
Two sexy friends, dressed up in schoolgirl suits, seduce guys everywhere - in the park, in the elevator, in the library, and even in their work. The dizzying finale of their intimate adventures is a trip on the train, which has become a rampant sexual orgy.
Cheerleader Party 1-2
Girls from the support team of the football team are always in the center of male attention - that's why they meet with one or the other guy. The party held after the match leads to the fact that, without exception, all the girls from the support group are drawn into the sexual whirl of events.
Castle Gravenstein
Eight students - four guys and four girls go to Gravenstein Castle - the most exclusive school of science in the world. During the trip to the castle, relations are beginning to form between them - sometimes very piquant ... and even conservative girls, who before that were trained in Christian schools, can not escape the carnal temptations.
Castle Gravenstein 2
Having settled in the rooms of a separate hostel, students go to inspect the castle's premises. Two pairs, in the library rooms, have an unusual energy impact, leading to sex between them. Erotic dreams and visions are harassing the rest. As it turns out, they all became participants in a secret experiment ... Besides, it turns out, there is no connection with the outside world, and there is no way to leave the castle ...
Castle Gravenstein 3
Continuation of the adventures of students in the castle. The morning begins with a physical examination, and then ... Some pairs scandal, others come together, sometimes very close. Two girls from senior courses, secretly making their way into one of the rooms, seduce a freshman. While young people build relationships with each other, one couple becomes a witness of the export, on a gurney, a thing like a corpse ...
Castle Gravenstein 4
Another morning in the castle ... Another medical examination grows into sex. Senior students find themselves another sexual victim in the face of Caspar, and the new teacher seduces an excellent student ...
Castle Gravenstein 5
Two bored girls find themselves piquant entertainment with unsuspecting guys, and the new maid who appears in the castle begins a string of seductions. And, finally, the professor's gift plunges Kate's excellent pupil into the pool of sexual dreams ...
Castle Gravenstein 6
Students disclose the sinister secrets of the castle and its inhabitants using advanced scientific technology to achieve their basest goals. The last will of the great scientist is interrupted by a wild sexual ritual and opens the way to salvation for the main characters.
Beach Party Reunion 1 / Beach Party - Reunion 1
Continuation of the legendary game Beach Party / Beach Party. Meeting old friends who came, as before, to the seashore, leads to the severance of the relationship of just three pairs.

Codes for switching between scenes in games:
Beach Party: sand
Beach Party 2: fire
Beach Party 3: rain
Beach Party 4: orgy
Mummy Love 1: ankh
Mummy Love 2: siti
Mummy Love 3: gold
Farmer's Daughter: farm
Farmer's Daughter 2: bind
Farmer's Daughter 3: jojo
Farmer's Daughter 4: tied
Girlfriends: cute
Cheerleader party: xhi
Castle Gravenstein 1: blitz
Castle Gravenstein 2: glow
Castle Gravenstein 3: fire
Castle Gravenstein 4: xeno
Castle Gravenstein 5: blut
Castle Gravenstein 6: grav
Beach Party Reunion 1: bust
Beach Party Reunion 2: cozy
Beach Party Reunion 3:mona
Beach Party Reunion 4: nude

Once installed, go to the game map, open the .swf files in any browser.
You must have FlashPlayer installed !!!








Category:Games > PC
Lang:English  English
Total Size:217.79 MB
Info Hash:53b32f3a15d9746267d7e0e4446548d8d10ff854
Added By:VickNet
Date Added:18-07-2017 23:20:24

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