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Torrent Details For "Junoon 480p Dvdrip By Sagarsingha(DRM)"

Junoon 480p Dvdrip By Sagarsingha(DRM)

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Imdb Picture Title: Junoon
Year: 1992
Runtime: 123 minutes
Votes: 325
Rating: 5.7/10
Language: Hindi
Country: India
All Genres: Horror, Thriller
Plot Outline: Tells the story of Vikram (Rahul Roy), who after nearly getting killed by a cursed tiger starts to transform into a tiger himself every fullmoon and hunts for prey.
Tagline: The Obsession
Director: Mahesh Bhatt
Writing By: Robin Bhatt,
Produced By: Mukesh Bhatt,
Music: Shravan Rathod Nadeem Saifi Viju Shah

Nita lives a middle-class lifestyle with her mom and dad in Bombay, India, and works as a Surgeon in a hospital. She is of marriageable age, & is in love with a struggling Musician/Singer named Ravi, much to the chagrin of her mom, who wants her to marry someone who is wealthy. One day a badly wounded male is admitted into the hospital, is pronounced dead, but recovers, and with Nita's help recuperates and is discharged. He visits Nita's home, introduces himself as wealthy Vikram Chauhan and asks her parents for the hand of Nita, who immediately accept. But Nita wants to marry Ravi and plans to elope with him. On that fateful day, Ravi fails to keep his appointment and a heartbroken Nita decides to get married to Vikram. The marriage takes place with great pomp and ceremony. When Ravi attempts to re-enter Nita's life, she forbids him. Little does she know that Ravi's plans had been sabotaged by none other than Vikram - who is in reality a human during daytime, and at midnight is transformed into a ferocious man-eating tiger - and she may well be his next meal.

- Written by rAjOo ([email protected])

Some villagers predict that on every full moon night a curse man-eating tiger lingers about making any human beings in sight its prey. Disbelieving this; two hunters, Vicky and Arun goes about their hunting adventures only to be attack by the tiger; while Arun succumb to his wounds Vicky is gravely wounded and is subsequently admitted to the hospital and is under the care of a female doctor, Nita. Vicky falls in love with Nita and asks her parents for her hand in marriage to which they agree and their marriage is celebrated. After marriage Nita notices Vicky behaving in a strange manner but what she is unaware of is that Vicky is now a human shape-changing tiger who is ready to make anyone his meal - including her.

- Written by gavin ([email protected])

While hunting one full moon night, Vicky and his friend is killed by a curse man - eating tiger. But Vicky survive by a miracle with a difficult attempt of doctor Nita, after getting discharged from hospital, Vicky reflects himself as Vikram a wealthy industrialist and decides to marry Nita, but Nita is not happy with the marriage because she loves Raja a struggling musician, but her parents prefers Vikram as there future son - in - law. On hearing this Nita decides to elope with Raja but Raja had to leave because of his sudden father's death. After wen ting through those rough waters Raja returns only to know that Nita had get married to Vikram. He is heart broken at this step and sets out to save Nita from a man who is human at day and a man eating tiger at midnights.

- Written by hEmRaJ ([email protected])

Dr. Nita lives a struggling life with her parents in the city of Bombay in India. Her only hope of surviving is through the doctor's profession that allows her a few bucks. Soon a wealthy industrialist, Vikram alias Vicky proposes marriage to her to which her parents agree but she is not happy since she loves middle-class Ravi, a singer by profession and both plans to elope but circumstances made her married Vikram. But what Nita does not know is that Vikram is not what he claims to be as he is a curse-man eating tiger at nights who has gobble down a few persons life and will not rest until her gets to do the same with her.

- Written by gavin ([email protected])

Tells the story of Vikram (Rahul Roy), who after nearly getting killed by a cursed tiger starts to transform into a tiger himself every fullmoon and hunts for prey.

- Written by Neo, Wellington, NZ
Tom Alter as Harry
Rakesh Bedi as Himanshu
Pooja Bhatt as Dr. Nita Chauhan
K.D. Chandran as Nita's dad
Avtar Gill as Inspector Sudhir Pai
Mushtaq Khan as Adivasi Bheema
Shubha Khote as Nita's mom
Roma Manik as Rahul roy's dance partner in song 'o mere dilruba'
Bhushan Patel as Arun
Rahul Roy as Vikram 'Vicki' Chauhan

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Name:Junoon 480p Dvdrip By Sagarsingha(DRM)
Encoded And Ripped By SagarSingha
Category:Movies > Bollywood
Total Size:913.09 MB
Info Hash:7e51c64f914e81db63d978ff97759b92dfe06715
Added By:sagarsingha
Date Added:04-08-2017 00:39:01

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